The Perkiomen Creek is Growing Greener
One Project at a time

Perkiomen creek

Pennsylvania Growing Greener Project 2008

August 25th, 2008 marked the beginning of a Growing Greener project that was formulated in the spring of 2005.

The headwaters of the main branch of the Perkiomen Creek originate in the hills of Berks County, flow into southern Lehigh for a short stretch, then through Berks again and into Montgomery County. The stream is fed through tiny tributaries, springs, seeps and wetlands in the upper reaches. The upper section above Hereford is classified as a Wild Brown Trout Stream and carries a High Quality designation. This section is currently being considered for an upgrade to an Exception Value classification.

On a normal day, these waters are crystal clear with large numbers of fish and turtles visible throughout the upper stretch. Unfortunately, on a rainy day there is nothing to see but sediment travelling from retention basins on a local building site.

Tour our site and see what caused the damage and how it was repaired and enhanced. We have provided background, information about the application process, slide shows of the actual work being done, before and after pictures, informational links and a page with our reflections on the whole process.

Check back, the site is still being updated! 


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